Thermoforming, CNC trimming and assembly

The company VYVA PLAST, s.r.o. offers its business partners comprehensive services in solving processing requirements in the field of vacuum forming (Thermoforming), with a particular focus on quality, design and innovation.

Our offers are always based on a complete technical and economic evaluation of the project and include, among other things, the design of the product and the determination of the most suitable material and production technology.

The actual design and development of prototype and final forms is carried out at the CAD/CAM workplace. The production of prototype and final molds is ensured under one roof in our own tool shop on modern CNC machining machines.

The permanent program of development and investment in construction programs and production technology ranks the company VYVA PLAST, s.r.o. among the leading processors of plastics using vacuum forming technology. A corporate policy oriented mainly to the customer and certification according to the ISO 9001 standard provide our business partners with a guarantee of the high quality of the resulting products.